Full Contact Canopy Course 2015

 28 May
 Skydive Tecumseh
 9305 Tecumseh Clinton Hwy - 49286 - Tecumseh - United States
 The Raw Dogs
The Raw Dogs are putting together this one consolidated course for the 2015 season. Anyone who cannot participate in this course, get ahold of us. Watch for where we'll be, and we'll be happy to get you in the air with us as best we can accomodate. The course will begin Thursday night with a First CRW Briefing. If you intend to participate this is a requirement. We will be doing first CRW jumps on Friday, and assuming everything goes well (mostly with the weather) we will move into group skydives for Saturday and Sunday. If you attended a course with us previously, please come out Saturday and Sunday and jump with us and the CRWbies. If you need a canopy, let us know ASAP but priority on the canopies we can scrounge up will have to go to new CRWbies for this event. We are limiting the camp to 24 CRWbie participants, registration information will be available soon. The minimum requirements are as follows: Commitment: 1. Everyone who intends to participate needs to be prepared to be at Skydive Tecumseh at sunset on Thursday for the first breifing, and from 8am to sunset Friday and Saturday, and 8am to 3pm on Sunday. If you cannot commit to this, please don't register. If you think you might have to possibly do work jumps at SDT during the camp, please don't register. We still want to do CRW with you, but we are committing this weekend to getting people as far as we can, and we can't have canopies acquired for the camp that aren't going to be used fully. 2. Everyone needs to be sober during the CRW Briefing, the life you save with the knowledge you gain may be my own, or even yours. 3. The camp fee is $100 per participant. This will cover registration/organizing, a canopy to rent for 3 days, and meals (dinner thursday, Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Friday and Saturday, and Breakfast Sunday.) Experience: 1. All participants should have 100 skydives. Everyone who registers for the camp will need to provide their current jump numbers. 2. All participants should currently be flying a canopy that is less than 20 sq ft larger than the canopy that we would provide to put you at a 1.2 wingload. We will be jumping at 1.2 all weekend. If you're currently jumping a napkin for a canopy, you'll be fine with our canopy but probably not with your rig. Everyone who registers will need to provide their current canopy size and exit weight. Equipment: 1. We will be jumping all zp PD Lightnings loaded at 1.2. We intend to provide a canopy for the camp, but we cannot register you until we know your current canopy size and exit weight. 2. You will need a half shell helmet for hearing while doing CRW. Verbal communication in CRW is unique of all disciplines and a basic requirement. 3. Bring at least 3 shoes that have no snag points, are easy to kick off, and you don't care about losing. 4. Be prepared to skydive in long sleeves and long pants, and with long socks. Lineburn sucks. 5. Invest in a quality hook knife. Non-razor blade knives are highly preferred. We have seen razor blade knives fail in our annual Hack n Slash comp, and it's scary to think that a blade might fold over when you really really need it. Common brands of solid hook knives are Leatherman (z-rex), Benchmade (multiple models), and Gerber safety knives. PLEASE let us know here if you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to address them. Raw Dogs Out (#docrw)

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