FUEL: Christians and Nonviolent Resistance

 24 May
 Blaxland Uniting Church
  - 2774 - Blaxland - Australia
 Jonathan Foye
FUEL (Faith Unpacked for Everyday Life) is Blaxland Uniting's new 5:30pm service. As the name suggests, these services will explore some of the biggest issues of our faith in-depth in an accessible and fun way. For the first service, we will be looking at the issue of nonviolent resistance. In a world where we see violence everywhere, and with an oft-quoted passage in Romans 13 directing Christians to submit to authorities, is nonviolent resistance an option for Christians? Leading us through this topic is Matt Anslow. A Youth Coordinator for Tear Australia, Matt has been working with Love Makes A Way, a group of Christians seeking better treatment for asylum seekers, since their inception. Love Makes A Way have been featured in various news outlets for their nonviolent resistance, including sit-ins in MP's offices. Matt will talk about their work, and how he thinks their efforts line up with Christian ethics. FUEL also has a kids' program, so feel free to bring them along. A meal will also be provided, so we can have some time of fellowship. Hope to see you there for what should be an interesting and inspiring night.

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