From Seed to Plate – New Brunswick Potato World Museum

 01 June
 Potato World
 385 Centreville Rd. - E7L 3K5 - Bristol - Canada
 Farms & Farm Markets in the Valley- Upper St. John River
Welcome to the French Fry Capital of the world! Come and discover the secret to creating the perfect fry potatoes. Learn about the origins of potatoes and how they go from field to plate as a guide shows you how to cut your own certified seed and plant it in a take-away pot. Test your strength and see if you can lift a full barrel of seed or picked potatoes using a pulley! Get a close look at potato-cutting equipment and the instruments used in the production of this popular tuber. As you finish the tour, you can’t resist the mouth-watering scent of french fries that waft by, you can’t wait to try the batch being cooked up for you to enjoy in the restaurant. Experiential guided tour offered daily from June to August Regular tour from June to September 385 Centreville Rd., Florenceville-Bristol Telephone: 506-392-1955

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