From Los Angeles to Maryland Deathfest Xlll!

 21 May
 Baltimore, MD, United States
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THURSDAY, MAY 21st @ RAMS HEAD LIVE: Bevar Sea Conan Iron Man Jex Thoth Mantar Primitive Man Ufomammut YOB @ SOUNDSTAGE: Ciborium Devourment Internal Bleeding Mortal Decay Origin Skinless FRIDAY, MAY 22nd @ EDISON LOT: Artificial Brain Aura Noir Bloodbath Cianide Funebrarum Master Lock Up Obituary Suffocation Vallenfyre @ SOUNDSTAGE: F.I.D. Ghoul Homewrecker Napalm Death Noisear Noxa P.L.F. Splatterhouse Suffering Mind Triac @ RAMS HEAD LIVE: Aeternus Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Inverloch Vattnet Viskar SATURDAY, MAY 23rd @ EDISON LOT: Arcturus Blood Red Throne Bulldozer Einherjer Fulgora Morpheus Descends Razor Serpentine Path Sodom Triptykon Twilight of the Gods Vulcano @ RAMS HEAD LIVE: Adversarial Demoncy Dragged into Sunlight Tsjuder @ SOUNDSTAGE: Agoraphobic Nosebleed Antigama Backslider Cephalic Carnage Chainsaw to the Face Engorged Full of Hell Inter Arma Lycanthrophy Martyrdöd Wolfbrigade SUNDAY, MAY 24th @ EDISON LOT: Amorphis Anaal Nathrakh Demilich Goatsnake Inverloch (diSEMBOWELMENT set) Neurosis Primordial Prosanctus Inferi Skepticism Tombs Winter @ SOUNDSTAGE: Coke Bust D.R.I. Early Graves Entrails Massacre Excel Grin and Bear it Melt-Banana Mother Brain Pizzahifive Spazztic Blurr Water Torture @ RAMS HEAD LIVE: Impetuous Ritual Knelt Rote Portal Thantifaxath TICKETS:

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