frog in a sock presents: HAVANA POOL PARTIES (哈瓦那 2015): GRAND OPENING Saturday May 30

 30 May
 洛德城堡 Road Castle
 台北市中正區汀州路三段160巷底 - 10080 - Taipei - Taiwan
 frog in a sock
2015年哈瓦那泳池派對 5月30日星期六隆重開幕 Ladies and gentleman, frog in a sock would like to welcome you to THE BEST SUMMER EVER and the 9th season of HAVANA POOL PARTIES beginning with the GRAND OPENING on May 30 and happening EVERY SATURDAY ALL SUMMER LONG! Last year was our best season of pool parties because we found the best venue we’ve ever had at Road Castle Water Park, so we’ve decided to reup and make this year even better. As you are reading right now, plans are in the works for more drink specials, games, bands, fun for kids, flash mobs, international DJs and much more. Save May 30 (and all your Saturdays) for frog in a sock’s Havana pool parties and keep checking this space for updates. Frog in sock第9季哈瓦那泳池派對將在5月30日隆重登場,漫長炎熱的夏天,哈瓦那泳池派對每周六等你來消暑。 因為有 最棒的場地洛德城堡 ,去年哈瓦那是我們最成功的一季,今年我們決定繼續在這台北最棒的泳池舉辦活動,好還要更好。 Frog in sock如火如荼精心規劃著每場活動:巧思美味特調飲品,遊戲橋段,現場樂團演出,國際DJ演出及快閃驚喜......等等。除此之外,也會陸續在活動頁面更新最新活動訊息,敬請拭目以待。 最後,別忘了請在5月30日(六),排除萬難前往哈瓦那2015年開幕派對! 保證不虛此行! #Havana2015 Schedule (so far) 哈瓦那目前活動入下: May 30 GRAND OPENING with Deejay Vicar + DJ CROSS CUTZ + DJ Marcus Aurelius - 馬克思 featuring Mandy Gaines June 6 D and J’s Bday Extravaganza with DJ Nina (Queen Bee) + Tom Price + Mr. Uppity - DJ and more June 13 TwerkFest 2015 with FAMOUS + Pro Res June 20 Band Day I Dread Rider + Skaraoke + La Cumbia Del Sol June 27 FankyDJ + The Cook, The Thief July 4 RETURN OF THE BOOM BAP: NeKBRACE’s Bday featuring + Cap1 + DJ Twohands + DJ Charles + Marcus July 11 The debut of Mr and Mrs Uppity July 18 the return of Lichael Mambert =============================== 如果您有生日派對或任何聚會(單身 派對、告別派對等等),非常歡迎您與我們聯絡,我們可以計畫一些特別的活動在泳池一起舉辦。 *If you are having a birthday or gathering (bachelorette/bachelor party, going away party), feel free and contact us about having something special done if you celebrate the party with us. 我們貼心為大家錄下了極佳的現場泳池音樂,像是Dave Nada, DJ Rasp, Tommy P, FREEKWENCY 等等, We recorded a lot of the mixes from last summer and plan on doing so again this year. Check out the great ones including Dave Nada, DJ Rasp, and Tom Price 白梓軒, FREEKWENCY and we will be adding more each week at =============================== Entrance fee $300 入場費300元 洛德城堡 Road Castle 台北市中正區汀洲路三段160巷 Ln. 160, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, ***Location in the heart of Taipei (4 minute walk from Gongguan MRT)*** Directions: Walk from Gongguan Exit 1 to Tingzhou Road Section 3 Alley 160. Walk straight towards the big windmill and enter the fun! 路線指引:從捷運公館站一號出口出來右轉,直走至汀州路三段160巷右轉,一直走到底就會看到大的風車,那邊就是洛德城堡唷!快來享受夏季的

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