#FreeKent Hovind Now! Peaceful Assembly LNI

 18 May
 Pensacola Christian College
  - - Brent - United States
 Free Kent Hovind
LNI = Light and Noise Initiative Occupy Church Details to Follow: Ground Zero is The Pensacola Christian College & TBD because today it was discovered that the $10 Million Courthouse is infested w toxic mold and the Trail will be relocated because the Judge had to move out and it will cost $20 Million to make it safe! LOL! Traitor to the faith Beka Horton turned in Kent Hovind for “tax evasion” A #211 Form is issued by the IRS for a 10% Finders Fee. Dr. Kent Hovind, -many have asked why he has been a federal prisoner for these eight years. The following article explains the nature of the case with some additional information. The U.S. Justice Department is now filing more charges against Bro. Hovind for trying to file appeals for his release. The government is saying that the filings are frivolous and therefore criminal. If this type of harassment is allowed to stand, a prisoner, especially those with no funds to defend themselves is totally defenseless. We must write letters to the highest authorities, news outlets and to Judge Rodgers in Pensacola, Florida and the U.S. Justice Department. The entire Christian community must rise in Bro. Hovind’s defense. http://the-trumpet-online.com/kent-hovind-jail/ Carpools and Housing and Camping on the Beach Info TBA Hub: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/256/1611733/restaurant/ProBoKnows-Pensacola

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