Freedom From Suffering - Exploring Traditional Advaita Vedanta with Ganga

 08 June
 The Charles Smith room, Morningside Library, 184 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh, EH10 4PU.
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 Ganga AdvaitaVedanta
Traditional Advaita Vedanta is the ancient key to self-knowledge which has been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage since the time of the Rishis. By making clear the non-dual nature of reality and of our own true selves, the traumas of life, arising out of mistaken assumptions and aspirations, fall away. This unique and profound teaching provides clarity for those ready to understand the truth. Ganga has spent over 15 years studying with Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a contemporary sage and India's foremost authority on Advaita. We are extremely privileged that through Ganga, this teaching is now available in Scotland for the first time. The upcoming event on Monday 8th June is part of a series of exploratory talks in Edinburgh. Each talk approaches the topic of self-knowledge from a slightly different angle and can be attended as a stand alone event. Other planned introductory talks will take place on 6 July, 10 August and 14 September. Why Traditional Advaita Vedanta? The approach of traditional Advaita to self-knowledge is very different from modern vedanta which has become popular in recent times. Through a methodical approach, traditional Advaita leads the mind to a point where it cannot help but see the truth that is being pointed to, the truth of who we are. As the basic issue confronting us is one of ignorance (of who we are) the only solution is knowledge. Who is it for? • Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of life. • The spiritual seeker (mumuksu) who may have arrived at an understanding that there must be more to life and who is ready to explore the truth of reality. • Those of any or no religion. Although the Vedas have been sustained by the Indian tradition, the teaching is universal and open to all. Why should I come? • Ganga is the first teacher of the lineage to make this teaching accessible in Scotland. • Each introductory talk broaches the human dilemma from a different angle so is suitable for new and old students alike. • These introductory sessions may lead to a series of closed classes in Edinburgh. • Attendance of at least one introductory talk is advised before attending the series. Who is the teacher? • Ganga was born and raised in Scotland and returned here in 2013, after completing a three and a half year intensive with Swami Dayananda Saraswati, her prime teacher in India. She has been studying Vedanta for over 16 years and has been teaching for the last year in Edinburgh. Who is the teacher’s teacher? • Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati is an international sage and teacher. Swamiji stands out as a unique contemporary classic master with the genius to communicate the deeply rooted vision of Vedanta, arising from a scholarly study of Sanskrit and the traditional texts, in the language of today. What does it cost? • No cost can be put on these teachings - they are freely available to all. • Donations are welcomed as they are necessary to sustain the ongoing teachings in Scotland. Where do I find more information? • See • Contact Susanne Gaal tel, 07990 588 735 • Send a friend request to Ganga Advaita Vedanta to hear about future events.

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