FREE ROOMS in COPENHAGEN | Short Term Rentals | Summer 2015

 01 June
 Copenhagen, Denmark
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 Danny DeFisho
We all know that summer is just around the corner and we can't wait to get out of our bunks and travel the world this summer. We are putting together the list of upcoming available short term rentals during this Summer 2015 in Copenhagen. We noticed it has been a challenge for outsiders to get such room in Copenhagen. But HOW to find these? Let us find great vacant rooms that we can enjoy while travelling the world. Post your free/vacant rooms in the feed below or directly on the Copenhagen's community group wall via link below. Invite your friends to find the best and the most amazing housing deals that we just can't miss out on! Have an awesome Summer of 2015! COPENHAGEN COMMUNITY FORUM: Copenhagen not your destination this summer? Perhaps one of the following is (list will be updated regularly): AMSTERDAM: ATHENS: BARCELONA: BEIRUT: BELGRADE: BERLIN: BRATISLAVA: BRUSSELS: BUCHAREST: BUDAPEST: COPENHAGEN: DUBLIN: HELSINKI: ISTANBUL: KIEV: LISBON: LONDON: MADRID: MUNICH: OSLO: PARIS: PRAGUE: ROME: SOFIA: STOCKHOLM: VIENNA: WARSAW:

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