13 June
 The Unicorn Camden Live
 227 Camden Road - NW1 9AA - London - United Kingdom
 Healthy Junkies
Tufnell Rock presents : Punk'n'Roll 29/PUNK'N'ROLL RDV is a monthly event that started in July 2012 bringing you some of the best and original bands from the underground scene with a free admission making musical discoveries more accessible for everyone. This event also showcases a band or two from the north of the U.K creating a northern connection at each night and adding to the unique atmosphere with DJ sets from DJ RAMONE who will be spinning a large variety of tunes only to name a few : STRANGLERS NIRVANA - DAMNED -VELVET UNDERGROUND - ADAM ANT - KILLING JOKE - MOTORHEAD - DEPARTMENT S - CURE - NEW YORK DOLLS - FLESH FOR LULU - T REX - IGGY & STOOGES - LILIPUT - DANSE SOCIETY - PIL - THE CULT - RADIO BIRDMAN - SLADE - KISS - WASTED YOUTH - ACDC - RUBELLA BALLET - RUNAWAYS - SAINTS - JUDAS PRIEST - SWELL MAPS - ADVERTS - DR FEELGOOD - CLASH - TROGGS - FLAMIN' GROOVIES - MISFITS - ALICE COOPER - BUZZCOCKS - NERVES - 999 - HELLO - AT THE DRIVE IN - EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND -THE BOYS - THE WHO - GUNS N ROSES - DAVID BOWIE - GUN CLUB. and the list goes on... More details about the bands : HEALTHY JUNKIES - Punk'n'Roll DIY and hungry. With inspiration drawn from some of the most iconic bands of the last century, their multi-faceted breed of punk rock has the distinct shimmer of glam but with a dash of dirty grunge thrown in for good measure and while such a potent concoction could seem to busy or jumbled in less capable hands, these guys know exactly what it is they’re doing. - Decibelle ( The second album "The Lost Refuge" is available on STP Records and on their official website with lots of other merch : JELLY - Passionate tunes, sinister undertones and a pop punk sensibility infused with a hint of the troubadour. A one off advertisement sent from Switzerland, fused with a once only look at the classified ads…. The synchronicity of these events put Mickey Howard (guitar), Stevie Bray (vocals/drums) and Vera Wild (bass) into the same frame for the first time– all from ex name bands and all hungry to get playing live later joined by Martin Drees who was invited for a jam and hasn’t gone home since. During the last year Jelly have been busy playing live all over London and recorded their first album that you can purchase through this link : PARADISE ALLEY - Sleazy Rock'n'Roll Crawling from the streets of Soho in London, PARADISE ALLEY were formed in the summer of 1992 by frontman Steve Vincent and long-time friend Richie Hale, inspired by the likes of Hanoi Rocks, The Babysitters, The Dogs D’amour The Throbs and the New York Dolls. Their aim was simple, to play sleazy rock’n’roll and have a good time, ALL the time! Early 2013, all five members, Steve V., Kenny, Taj, Mark and Steve T., sat down and agreed the time was right to bring PARADISE ALLEY back. So here we are, no illusions, no big master plan, just here for the rock’n’roll. FLYING KANGAROO ALLIANCE - Alternative / Grunge / Punk Swaggering, attitude-driven Rock n' Roll. Framed by distorted guitars and swinging rhythm section, Meri Everitt's vocals are pumped up with emotion and a delivery that falls somewhere between mid-90s female vocalists like Julianna Hatfield and something a little more bluesy and gritty. On the B-side, "Wasted" rides more of a grunge boat to fun-filled obliteration. ROUGH TRADE “Finally a bit of attitude; Meri Everitt and her band F.K.A. perform an excellent set of 90s’esk alt/grunge/rock….in fact; I’m not quite sure what their ‘genre’ is, but whatever it is; they do it well.” – Music In Leicester, Western Park Festival 2013 MYSTIFIED - Rock/Grunge Mystified is a rock trio based in London. Formed in September 2011, their influences go from Queens of the Stone Age and Jack White to Molotov and Slaves. Blending graphic arts and music, the band is paying tribute to the ideas of artists they admire but also to the graphic universe they grew up with, like comics and B movies.

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