Free Distant Healing Gift-Waves Remote Healing Event

 15 May
 in the healing silence of Pure Awareness and Unconditional Love
  - - -
 Sharrhan Williamson
Hi everyone. ♥ You're invited to participate in a distant healing session, FRIDAY, May 15, 2015, from 11pm - 12am Eastern Standard Time (USA). Please feel free to join us, or share this invitation with friends. It's always free, and always will be. At the beginning of the session you can briefly focus on either one of the mandalas pictured in the 'pinned' permanent message on the main group page, just as a mechanism for tuning in to the intent of the session, while holding a simple intention (no need to over-concentrate or feel any pressure at all) for the healing of whatever troubles you. And then let it go and either rest, meditate, or continue what you are doing. You can even go to sleep if need be. You can't get it wrong. Just relax and know that the greatest healing power in the universe is the benevolent, Omnipresent and 'NOTHINGNESS' (a nothingness that encompasses everything) that is beyond words and thoughts. Please RSVP the daily 'EVENT' invitations (no pressure and no hoops to jump through, as it's not a new age workshop! ;-p) -- it's just a simple way for me to access a healing list so I know who is requesting healing, in a direct manner that doesn't require you to leave a message on the page or contact me (via chat message on FB) unless you want to. (Personal healing requests are always WELCOME, though, and they help me to focus more clearly on your need.)

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