Fraid Not Garfield Cookout Wilderness Trot

 16 May
  - - -
 Anna Atkinson Cowart
The Garfield Cookout raises money each year for our volunteer fire department. This year we have added a wilderness Trot to the many activities already planned for that day. The trot is only open to adults 18 years and older. Children may attend as spectators, not participants. Each team will consist of 4 people. There are no gender limitations for a team. The cost per team is $100 ($25 per individual). The first wave starts at 8:00 am. The trot will begin down the air strip in Garfield with obstacles along the way. Once the entire team makes it to the end of the airstrip all 4 members will climb into an aluminum boat with one paddle and a short rope on the front, should a member of the team decide to pull the boat across the 100 acre pond. The team will unload from the boat once they reach the other side and run/crawl/walk/trot through the "runaround" (this is where the water from the pond travels across limestone to a creek and then to another pond). The team will follow the creek to the creek exit. The team will then complete mud obstacles and cross the creek again in another location. Participants will climb a steep embankment to the pond dam where they will trot down the remainder of the pond dam and through a pecan orchard. The finish line will be at the end of the orchard. Each member of the team must cross for the timer to clock that team.

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