14 June
 Kamala Nehru College Auditorium, Delhi University, New Delhi
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 Debendra Rout
The first monsoon droplets on the soil help emit fragrance symbolizing readiness of the earth to produce food-grains, providing a lease of life to people who jump in fun and frolic amidst gaiety – and thus the life begins. The ecstasy comes out in the rhythms’ of dance, songs, varieties of food items, playing and swinging under a festival called Raja. Odisha’s festival of ‘Raja’ has a very distinctive character. It is a celebration that signifies the fertility of the soil. Running parallel to it is the predominantly femine principle that is worshipped by way of according special importance to little girls on the verge of their youth. Odisha is a state rich in music, dance and festivals. It is a veritable melting pot of art, tradition and religion. Music and dance is integral to the lives of the people of the state. Non Resident Odias miss it. But we “The Intellect” shall bring in that Raja in Delhi making you feel the festivities of Odisha right here amidst the same spirit. It is initiated to take you on a journey through the music, Songs, varied folk dances, Pann, Doli (Swing) and , Delicious traditional food of Odisha by organizing an event named “FRAGRANCE ODISHA; ମହକ ମୋ ମାଟିର” during the festival of “RAJA”.

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