"Fracking Stories" Film Screening- Durham

 09 June
 723 Rigsbee Ave - 27701 - Durham - United States
 CleanWater NC
Imagine if the water you gave your family made them sick. This is a real fear facing communities where fracking is currently taking place. Even when landowners say no to drilling, contamination from fracking nearby can still expose them to toxic chemicals against their will. Although fracking is now legal and permits can be issued by the state, there is still much that can be done to protect North Carolinians from the dangers of fracking. This requires people coming together in their own communities and taking civic action, to stand in solidarity and send a strong message that the people of NC do not want fracking and we will work to protect our families, public health, quality of life and property rights. Join us for Fracking Stories - an event featuring six short documentaries that expose the public health and environmental consequences of hydraulic fracturing, and the ways that communities are coming together to protect their land and water. Come learn about the issues, talk with community members, and find out how you can help keep fracking out of North Carolina. The Durham screening is co-presented by Clean Water for North Carolina, Durham People's Alliance, and Working Films. For details on other events in NC check out our blog: http://workingfilms.org/blog/fracking-stories/ For questions, contact Hope Taylor at 919-401-9600. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location: MotorCo 723 Rigsbee Ave. Durham, NC 27701

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