Foxrock Alumni for YES EQUALITY

 22 May
 Dublin, Ireland
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 Gaelen Britton
Hey gals :D It's less than a month until the referendum and a YES outcome is looking less and less certain. The success of the marriage equality campaign depends entirely on our generation: - How many of us will turn out to vote on the day? - How many other people can we encourage to support equality and to give a Yes vote on May 22nd? Soooo let's have an early reunion at the polling stations and see who we can bring along with us :D REGISTER: Registration for the referendum closes on May 5th. Click here for info on how to check if you are registered and how to register EXPAT: Can't make it home for the referendum or due to be away on the day? Click here for info about expat and postal votes TALK: A large amount of voters have not made up their mind or have decided to vote against the referendum without having considered their decision very carefully. You could be the person to convince them to vote YES :D Ask your loved ones what they think and tell them why you think it's right to support equality. If you don't do it, who else will? Most importantly, remind your friends and family to get out and vote on the day. See here for answer to many of the questions people have about marriage equality DONATE: The Yes Equality campaign does not currently have enough money to produce posters and leaflets on the same scale as the No campaign. Please consider donating what you can and asking others to donate as well SHOP: Spread the word with Tees and badges: Add your mates to the event, the more the merrier!

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