FOURTYEIGHT/60 Initial Broadcast/Launch Party!!

 19 May
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 Right Way
Right Way ENT.....RHMG...... Old-Chicago Pizza-Sports Bar bring you a first of it's kind production! It's the initial broadcast of the sports talk radio show: *****FOURTYEIGHT/60:YOUR SPORTS TALK RADIO!***** FOURTYEIGHT/60 is a show that is focused on all sports, all the time! We will touch on just about every sport, however the main focus will be my two favorite sports, basketball & football...hence the name of the show! This show will be taped in front of a live audience, it also will be u-streamed live to the world wide web! This will be a sports show production like no other! Every week we will have guest appearances from local, regional & nationally known athletes! We also will have everyday people on the show interacting with us and expressing their views on some of the hottest topics in the sports world!! Ex-NFL veteran, GREG HUNTINGTON (former Bear, Redskin & Jaguar) will be with us each week giving us his views from the "GREG ZONE!" This is the beginning of a longtime dream for me and I am excited to have as many people be apart of this that would like to be. I know that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there that love sports as much, if not more than I do, so now we will have a platform to be heard. It doesn't matter if you have ever stepped on a field or court, YOU will now have an opportunity to be heard! We not only will be fielding questions and hearing opinions from our live audience, but we also will be taking calls from our listening audience as this is essentially a RADIO SHOW, only it's being filmed in front of a live audience! Please join us as we make history. I look forward to making this show fun, informational, exciting and purposeful for all. Izzys is a great establishment that has everything a sports fan would want! All the booths have tv monitors installed so you can choose your favorite sports show or event to watch. There are HUGE tv screens on the walls of the venue. The staff is friendly, the drinks are wonderful and the food is great! Again please make plans to join us on 7/29/14 at 630pm for our initial broadcast. If you would like to be a sponsor, advertise during the show or just have questions, feel free to contact us at 904-651-9832. This is FOURTYEIGHT/60...YOUR SPORTS TALK RADIO!!

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