Forum on Jobs and Unemployment in Kingston

 28 May
 New Progressive Baptist Church
 8 Hone St - 12401-6302 - Kingston - United States
 Natajah Ali
Do you or your friends or family struggle to find employment in Kingston? Do you work only part-time or seasonally and wish you could find full-time employment? Do you wish you had more opportunities to move up in your current career? Do you aspire to start your own business? Do you have ideas about how to bring good jobs back to Kingston? --------- Join us at 6pm on May 28th at New Progressive Baptist Church and be a part of an interactive forum on jobs and unemployment in Kingston, NY! Possible solutions will be presented and then we will ask for comments, concerns, AND new ideas! Each attendee will get an opportunity to give their input on what solution they believe to be best. We need the whole community to attend and work on solutions to this issue together! This is the first of three forums that will be held around Kingston. If you, or someone you know, is not able to make it to this forum, please contact us so that you can be informed about the next forum! Let's build a stronger Kingston together! For more information contact: Natajah Roberts, Citizen Action of NY Organizer - 518.776.0227

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