Fort Hays Colorguard Auditions

 01 June
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 Lori Harner Whether it is on the field, in the stands, or in parades, the FHSU Color Guard brings an exciting visual element to each and every Tiger Marching Band performance! We are excited for the 2014 edition of the Color Guard and what promises to be a great season! Membership is open to both men and women with all first-year members earning a $350 stipend. Stipend amounts go up each year with larger increases for juniors and seniors and bonuses awarded to student leaders. You do not have to audition to be in the Guard, however all members will be expected to master a basic set of flag skills before reporting to camp. In addition to standard flag work the FHSU Color Guard also uses rifles during the annual Color Guard feature and spins mini flags in the stands during football games. Color Guard members should enroll in MUS 601D, MUS 601E, or MUS 601F for the Fall Semester. If you are interested in joining this year's FHSU Color Guard, please contact Dr. Lane Weaver or fill out the 2014 Marching Band Member Form.

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