Force on Force Course

 16 May
 Petersburg, IN, United States
  - 47567 - -
 Force Options Tactical Training and Security
Join us as we run our popular Force on Force course. This is an intensive course designed to take your handgun skills to the next level. Working on a square range is one thing - but when simunitions are introduced, the stress level increases and you very quickly find out what works and what is fluff. This is a 2 day course. Day one will be work on the range with your pistol. Day 2 will put you in the Force on Force section. We will work in exterior settings, in / around vehicles as well as indoors. Both against other shooters as well as attackers with edged weapons. This is the pinnacle of application training short of being shot at. Course fee covers use of simunition pistol, ammunition for the sim gun and face protection. More information:

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