Food Truck Scavenger Hunt

 16 May
 MTS Bus #30 - Torrey Pines/La Jolla Shore Stop
  - - -
 Audrey Sechrest
Hosted by the Truly Unique Baes of TU Haus (TMC ResLife) --++##** 45 adventure-ers hungry for quality eats and exciting times have the opportunity to experience some of the AWESOME sites and sounds available in San Diego! --++##** We have to take the 30 bus to downtown (1hr30 trip - 1 way), but after our ride, there will be awesome ADVENTURES to be had (ie, it is totally worth it! :) FREE AMAZING FOOD!!!!! Fill out this form for three increasingly fantastic reasons: (1) so you can get the free food (2) so you can find the free food [it's going to be hidden... cause it's a scavenger hunt], (3) forms are fun! Lol! Please and thank you!

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