Fly: Decades Party & Fundraiser for Erika Morgan (Lyme Disease)

 06 June
 Bethel Christian Church
 13200 E 11 Mile Rd - 48089-1368 - Warren - United States
 Danielle Hodgson
** Tickets can be purchased at ** Donations (goal is at least $3,500) can be made at ** Shirts can be purchased at When Erika Morgan was young, she was attacked by a disease that forced her into leg braces and a wheelchair. Her dream of becoming a dancer sustained her for two years until her doctor pronounced her healed and she exclaimed "I feel like I can fly!" After experiencing many unexplained health issues over the years Erika was diagnosed with Chronic Neurological Lyme disease in 2011 and has since battled the illness along with autoimmune issues and other diagnoses. Most recently she was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome as a result of exposure to water damaged buildings over the years thus complicating her treatment She is unable to dance, hold a job, or go to school. The necessary medicines and treatments are not covered by insurance. It is our hope to 1) raise some funds for Erika and her family in order to cover these medical costs and 2) rally around Erika! We want her to know she is loved and supported. We pray that Erika, her courage and her hopes will fly! Our goal is to AT LEAST complete Erika's gofundme page...but we'd really like to do so much more for this dear family. [ ] This party will include food, music, a silent auction, a photo booth and lots of hope. If you'd like, pick a decade (50s-90s) and come dressed in a style of the decades. Let us know on Facebook your favorite songs from each decade! We are looking for volunteers, both for planning before and working the event. We are also in search of sponsors and donations of item/services/tickets for the silent auction. Special recognition will be given to these donors / businesses. Tickets can be purchased at Please make a note that in order to help Erika and her immune system stay as strong as possible that we request those in attendance refrain from wearing perfume or cologne. Near the time of the party, if you are ill please do not attend. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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