23 May
 Corner Shop Lawn, Above Rocks St. Catherine
  - - -
 Craig Suspension Hall
This is the event of the year when Dj Flexx, Platinum Paw And Dj Dane Danejah presents FLOSS LIKE A BOSS pt2. Last year was a success so we decided to dweet again, This year the party Features Super Jam Sound alongside: Dj Shawn, Dj San Hype Red Diamond Int'l King Selana Sound Lando Hype Starkade among others. Again we have chosen Corner Shop Lawn and as usual there will be a Fish Fry in the day at a cost of only $800. So come out and support the event....... Big up all crew: Suspension, Gal Farm, R.O.B, Naahtalk, Sick Quick, Flassing Endorsing, High Lyfe.............

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