12 June
 Epic Problem (AKA the Skatepark Of Tampa)
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 Tom Significant
****ORIGINAL EVENT PAGE GOT DELETED, SO PLEASE POST THIS/INVITE YOUR FRIENDS**** 3 days celebrating FL bands both past and present Axis http://axisfl.bandcamp.com/ Blacksmith http://blacksmithfl.bandcamp.com Blistered http://blistered.bandcamp.com Can't Stand It (reunion) http://cantstandit.bandcamp.com Close The Casket http://closethecasket.bandcamp.com Culture (only Southern show)http://cultureflhc.bandcamp.com Culture Killer http://culturekiller.bandcamp.com Dwell (NC-on tour w/SWR) http://bloodandink.bandcamp.com/album/dwell Endurance (reunion) http://endurancefl.bandcamp.com Face It http://facexit.bandcamp.com Fourth Son http://fourthson.bandcamp.com God Harvest http://godharvest.bandcamp.com Gouge Away http://gougeawayfl.bandcamp.com Guilty Conscience http://guiltcon.bandcamp.com Hit List http://hitlistxxx.bandcamp.com Incited http://incited.bandcamp.com Lipschitz http://lipschitzfl.bandcamp.com Madtown http://madtownfl.bandcamp.com Mushmind http://mushmind.bandcamp.com No Restraint http://norestraint.bandcamp.com Old Habits http://oldhabits.bandcamp.com Outstretch http://outstretch.bandcamp.com Pinehurst http://pinehurstfl.bandcamp.com Prevail http://prevailflhc.bandcamp.com Put It Aside http://putitasidefl.bandcamp.com Reveal Renew http://revealrenew.bandcamp.com Rhythm Of Fear http://rhythmoffear.bandcamp.com Shovelhead http://shovelhead.bandcamp.com Sick Of Talk http://sickoftalkfl.bandcamp.com Stealing Spines http://stealingspines.bandcamp.com Stillframe http://stillframe.bandcamp.com Strengthen What Remains http://strengthenwhatremains.bandcamp.com Three Knee Deep Vatican (GA) http://www.vaticanga.bandcamp.com With Increase (last show) http://bloodandink.bandcamp.com/album/death-is-inevitable XghidorahX (reunion) You Vandal http://youvandal.bandcamp.com Friday: Axis Endurance God Harvest Gouge Away Lipschitz Madtown Mushmind Shovelhead 6PM $10/$12 Saturday: Blistered Culture Face It Fourth Son Guilty Conscience Hit List Old Habits Outstretch Prevail Put It Aside Rhythm Of Fear Stillframe Three Knee Deep You Vandal 3PM $12/$15 Sunday: Blacksmith Close The Casket Culture Killer Dwell Incited No Restraint Pinehurst Reveal Renew Sick Of Talk Stealing Spines Strengthen What Remains Vatican With Increase XghidorahX 3PM $12/$15 tickets at www.significantrecords.bigcartel.com Friday 6/12/15-doors at 6:00PM Saturday 6/13/15-doors at 3:00PM Sunday 6/14/15-doors at 3:00PM

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