Florentin Urban Culture Tour - in English

 22 May
 Corner of Herzl St. and Florentin St. (38 Florentin St.), near City Cafe
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 StreetWise Hebrew - Guy Sharett
Price: 80 shekel Please press 'See More' to see all details Explore Southern Tel Aviv’s bohemian Neighborhood as we decipher the “writing on the walls” – street signs, graffiti and bumper stickers filled with Hebrew gems and insights into contemporary Israeli culture. Word geeks, street art buffs and anyone interested in people, cultures and languages are invited. Who paints eggplants all over the city? Who is TRA? What's the Greek connection? THIS TOUR IS IN ENGLISH, but we will learn some words in Hebrew. I have a lot of experience now and I can tell you: people with all levels of Hebrew, from zilch to advanced, will learn something. PRICE: 80NIS, paid in cash in the beginning of the tour. No booking needed, but please message me or call to tell me how many you are. Check out my TLV tips page: http://www.streetwisehebrew.com/tourists.html Lehitra'ot (goodbye), Guy, tel. 0546623314 Buses from central and north TLV: 3, 19, 25, 125, 129, 72, 172. Get off in the corner of Haaliya and Florentin St. Then walk on Florentin St. After 200m you'll see City Cafe on your left, where you can find hay for your horses. Buses and sherut taxis no. 4, 5, 16 will also get you close to Florentin. Location on google maps: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?ftid=0x151d4c9f0616fe95%3A0xee49adc63ed64605&q=Florentin+38%2C+Tel+Aviv%2C+Israel&hl=en&ved=0CA0Q-gswAA&sa=X&ei=aVdoTvSWAuXYjQeLi8WlCA

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