Flesheater @ RIDE FOR DIME BOTB [Live at Gas Monkey Dallas]

 23 May
 Gas Monkey Dallas
 10261 Technology Blvd E - 75220 - Dallas - United States
 Tim Oblitersmash Pardue
Alright guys has many of you know, Flesheater - Houston, Texas has been selected to compete in the Battle of the Bands in Dallas, Texas on May 23, 2015. Well, we are reaching out to all our FleshHeads and anyone who is willing to help us out. We have been sent 25 tickets to the battle and let me just give you some incite about the tickets. Each ticket is sold at $15 a piece. Yeah, we know kinda steep for a ticket to a show that you are less likely to attend. Even though we would love to have our FleshHeads come out to cheer us on, there is absolute NO OBLIGATION to you actually going to Dallas. That option is absolutely up to you. Now, I am sure that the lot of you are probably wondering, "Then why bother selling tickets to a show?" Well, I can answer that. If you click the link that is provided below: www.ridefordime.org <---the offical website https://www.facebook.com/events/331534490387435/ <-FB link to the event. https://www.stubwire.com/event/battleofthebandsforridefordime2015/gasmonkeybarandgrill/dallas/10081/ <-if we sell out of tickets you can purchase one from here. You will see that the reason why we are selling the tickets is that 100% of whatever we sell, will be given to a charity event that was started back in Arlington,TX. Which is now called the RIDE FOR DIME. (Not to mention that this is a nationwide/international organization) This charity is the start of a fundraiser that will be used to help children in the 8th grade, who are passing and in a music program in school, earn a scholarship that is in honor of Dimebag himself. Please, help Flesheater sell all the tickets so we can have the money sent back before May 15th. Also, we would like inform everyone that we are selling our merchandise as well, in order to get to the Gas monkey bar and grill. Here at Flesheater, are dropping our prices of our merch and are offering it you at 10$ a shirt. We also would like to take a minute and give a huge shout out to Michael S Graves from You Pick It We Stick It Tattoo & Piercings, for sponsoring us and helping us with the shirts that we are now selling. Thank you loyal FleshHeads here locally and worldwide for believing in us. WE are so proud to compete against 9 other bands and hope to win in order to partake in the main event in August. We are going to Dallas as we are the only band from Houston,Texas. Help us represent our hometown. Please. HELP SPREAD THE VIRUS! -Flesheater Management Draki Defleshed

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