Fleming Field Day 2012 - The Reunion

 16 May
  - - -
 Barrett Blake
Some of my classmates and I from the Awesome...Fleming School class of 90' have imagined doing this for years. Well, it's time to finally make it a reality! The idea is this, that everyone who wants to from the class of (50') or whenever the Fleming School actually started to the class of 92' when it :o( ended will get together at a yet to be determined location in Central Park on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend next year. This date is still more then a year away, so if you want to come there's more then enough time to clear up any potential scheduling conflicts. This "Field Day" will be an opportunity for everyone to bring their children, spouses, and any other significant others that they'd like to have there to introduce to their friends from yore. Since Field Day was always about kids, it'll be awesome to have the next generation of Fleming School youth there to have lots of Fun. As always there will be Sweatshirts and T-shirts with the lovely yellow blue colors of Fleming. There will be a contest for the design later this year! Also, there will be games and other fun things for both adults and kids. Good food and lots of time to reminisce with not... "old" friends since none of us are "old", however friends from long ago! Then on Sunday it will be up to each individual grades to put together their own class get together for their class mates only, my class is going to have a dinner. You can plan your own event, if some classes want to combine forces then go for it. If anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions, please send a Facebook message to: Barrett Blake or email me at bbornot2be2003@yahoo.com Let's bring this Fantastic School that we all Loved so much to Life one more time, so that we can truly..."All Honor Fleming"! Please send this to everyone you can think of, especially any teachers or class mates that aren't on Facebook. Also there's no way I am going to add everyone that's on Facebook, so please go ahead and keep on adding guests. More details to follow...

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