Flaming Bowling Alley Build Day 1 (2-4hrs)

 17 May
 2810 Graham st victoria bc canada
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 Maitiu Davydiuk
Hi I would love some help and support building the Bowling alley. This week I will be getting the ply wood I have the side rails. We will build the alley run with side rails, and a box to capture the bowling balls. I figure It would be great to have a handful of people to help. Tasks include; - some yard prep ( making space, minor alterations of landscape) - laying out ply wood - de - nailing/ screwing wood - Building a box - Trouble shooting; - the leveling of the bowling alley - How to insert a fire line - and creating nice seams in ply wood - talking about lighting things on fire Super stoked to get this started. Also we could talk about lighting things on fire.

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