Flame Effects for the Artist Course (Melbourne)

 23 May
 Footscray Maker Lab 41 Robbs Rd, 3012 West Footscray
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 Stephanie Zoë Serious
Attention all artists who wish to incorporate fire aspects into their art! This class is for you… Traveling the world in a mission to spread the fire and warmth Dave X and Propaniac (of Burning Man fame ) will be landing down under for the Flame Effects for the Artist class happening May 23rd and 24th. Registration Link: http://www.poofersupply.com/Flame_Effects_For_The_Artist_Workshop_Melbourne_Australia_2015_p151.html **NOTE that the registration page will only accept a U.S. address so just enter any fake address and a 5 digit postal code*** Tickets to the Burn On! fundraiser (https://www.facebook.com/events/368096693361823/) are here http://www.trybooking.com/134037 $16 full price / $13 concession (includes booking fees) Participants of the Flame Effects for the Artist Course (Melbourne) will receive discounted tickets. In this 2 day workshop you will learn basic practices and principles for incorporating fuel based flame effects into your work. This class is great for the beginning fire artist and always has something new for the “expert”. Each one of these classes has drawn participants who have had all levels of experience. This has made for some great questions and projects that have been both fun and challenging. The first day will consist of a classroom session where we will discuss subjects including: NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines including NFPA 54 and 58 the LP gas codes. NFPA 160 Flame Effects Before a Live Audience and other codes. These particular codes are US based, local fire artists will be on hand to discuss applicable local codes and permit procedures. We will also examine the physical properties of LP gasses and get some hands on time with fittings and parts. Of course, we closely examine the wonders of LP gas with the amazing clear propane cylinder. We will then finish off by taking a look at some typical designs for Flame Effects including accumulators, free burning effects, fuel mortars, pilot lights, hot surface igniters and much more. We will have plenty of demonstrations and hands on materials. **Class is limited to 45 participants.** Cost for the two day workshop is $250 AU. We are pleased to be able to offer a second round of scholarships for $100 off the cost of the course paid for by the Melbourne Decompression team from the 2014 event! These scholarships will be open to residents of Melbourne and regional Victoria who want to build art and are willing to showcase what they make at SEED and the next Melbourne Decomp. Email Stephanie at flameeffectsaustralia@gmail.com Thanks to Burning Man Australia (Red Earth City Pty Ltd) 5 scholarships were made available to participants of Burning SEED and Blazing Swan, all of these scholarships have now been allocated. If you would like to sponsor someone in part or in full please contact Stephanie at flameeffectsaustralia@gmail.com as there have been more requests then we could fulfill. Registration Link: http://www.poofersupply.com/Flame_Effects_For_The_Artist_Workshop_Melbourne_Australia_2015_p151.html A BBQ lunch (or some other tasty and filling food) and printed materials will be included in the class cost and we'll have a party on Saturday night to hang out and talk flame effects! The Footscray Maker Lab at 41 Robbs Rd, 3012 West Footscray will be hosting the workshop, check out their page at https://www.facebook.com/Footscraymakerlab/. FML is just a 1km walk from West Footscray train station. Come and join us for this weekend to hang out with other fire artists and have a blast, no pun intended. If you have any questions contact Stephanie Zoë Serious or email her at flameeffectsaustralia@gmail.com. Read bios on Dave X and Propaniac here http://fireartclass.com/about-fire-art-class/fire-art-instructors/ ******************************************************************* Check out past classes here New York http://www.monkeyview.net/id/1030/nyc_flame_effects_class/index.vhtml Toronto http://www.monkeyview.net/id/1030/toronto/index.vhtml Reno http://www.monkeyview.net/id/1030/reno_flame_effects_class/index.vhtml Detroit http://monkeyview.com/id/1030/detroit/index.vhtml San Francisco http://www.monkeyview.net/id/1030/flame_effects_class_sf/index.vh http://fireartclass.com/?doing_wp_cron=1416435616.7772250175476074

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