First Funky Cichlid Community Booster Weekend

 22 May
 The Funky Cichlid
 Cape Maclear - - Mangochi - Malawi
 The Funky Cichlid
At the Funky Cichlid we are very lucky to have such a stunning location in Cape Maclear, we owe a lot to the local people! Our team of local staff are nothing short of incredible and constantly learning new things and improving the Funky Cichlid at the same time. We use local tradesmen at every opportunity whether it is fixing the showers, building new furniture or creating incredible works of art inside the bedrooms. We want to do more for the community, as such we are starting to develop a volunteer programme that will make a difference. This will be a sustained programme over the next 10-20 years looking at long term improvements to the village. Primarily helping one of the schools but also identifying other areas in the village where we could help. This is all pretty new to us but we need to start somewhere so we thought we could do a series of weekend events to start raising money for the school. On the weekend of 22nd- 24th May we will be using half the money guests spend on accommodation to buy textbooks for the school. The amount we raise will depend on how many guests we have but we are hoping to raise around 100,000MWK which will be able to buy a considerable number of books for the school. This is a small target but we want to walk before we can run and run before we try and fly! If we get enough people interested we will organise a boat to take people from Salima to Cape Maclear and back again. As much as the aim of this weekend is to raise money, the weekend also promises to be a lot of fun. Have a look at a recent video The Funky Cichlid made

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