Fires Rising 2015 - an event dedicated to Alchemical Fire Circle

 03 June
 Four Quarters Farm
 190 Walker Ln - 17211 - Artemas - United States
 Aase Hw
Join us for the 11th annual Fires Rising! For three nights, step outside of your usual activities and into a conscious process, immersing yourself in the complex metaphors, archetypes, and images of Alchemy. The gathering is our Laboratory, and the sacred fire is our vessel where we transform our personal Lead into purest Gold. Turn your energies into rhythm, song, dance and symbol; speak your truths, listen to others, and step into sacred space to shine. Experiment with ways of being and relating in a safe and accepting context. Stay up all night and greet the rising sun. Fires Rising celebrates creating a present of our own choosing. We support one another while taking personal responsibility for our own safety, healing, entertainment and engagement in this process. In that spirit, we refrain from alcohol and other mind-altering substances. Fire, Community, Creativity, and the Night are our active ingredients. All faiths are welcome here, and all ability levels. Bring your whole Self; your strengths and talents as well as your hurts. Bring on the didgeridoos, gongs, singing bowls, frame drums, incenses and oils, the drums, chants, spoken word, dance, painting, fire spinning, theater, decorations - and most of all, your love and kindness. WEDNESDAY June 3rd Early Arrivals. Building the Laboratory; set-up. Home Coming Fire THURSDAY June 4th Building the Laboratory & Playshops. First Night Alchemical Fire Circle: The Fire of the Four Elements FRIDAY June 5th Playshops & Affinity Groups. Second Night Alchemical Fire Circle: The Fire of the Seven Planets SATURDAY June 6th Playshops & Affinity Groups. Third Night Alchemical Fire Circle: The Fire of Above & Below SUNDAY June 7th Packing up the Laboratory and Closing Ceremony. Evening Leave-taking Fire Members $75, Guests $95 pre-reg by May 31st, $110 after that date. Children under 16 are loved, cherished and FREE. No separate children's programming is provided. Meal Plans and Accommodations for Fires Rising: Our In-Camp Dormitory is available: handsome, hand-built bunk beds as well as private rooms. Accommodations are bundled with our Meal Plan, you must call the Office for reservations as space is limited. Fires Rising nourishes the mind, body and soul. We stimulate our minds with thoughtful discussions. Our all-night fire circles and inter-personal connections fill our souls. And for the second year, The Starvin' Artist Cafe is offering meal plans to sustain our bodies; preparing delicious, hot meals able to accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions including vegan and gluten free. Meals offered are brunch and dinner; Pre-Reg only. Brunch Thurs – Dinner Sat, 6 meals; $66 Dinner Thurs – Dinner Sat, 5 meals; $55 Brunch Fri – Dinner Sat, 4 meals; $44 Dinner Fri – Dinner Sat, 3 meals; $33 Volunteers and participants co-create Fires Rising, arriving early on Wednesday to set up and build the Alchemical Container. If you can, do plan on arriving then; you will be glad you did! Saturday arrivals are welcome, but please arrive in time for the afternoon playshops. You are welcome to arrive before Wednesday and stay later than Sunday. Overnight camping fees are $5 a night for Members and $10 a night for Non-Members. (Click here to register:

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