Firefly Gathering 2015: Emergence

 12 June
 Flagstaff, AZ, United States
  - 86001-86005-86004, 86011 - -
 Firefly Gatherings
Passes available at June 12-15, 2015, we will gather once again in the meadows of Northern Arizona to share in a truly special experience. We are ecstatic to be offering the most extraordinary year yet! Look forward to the most illuminating learning opportunities, diverse musical acts, spectacular performances, inspirational art, and deep connections within the intimate, authentic Firefly community. Let's co-create an adventure that reflects our infinite potential. Firefly is emerging from it's cocoon, one kindred spirit at a time; spreading it's wings and bridging a network of amazing communities. Change happens through individual and local movements that appeal to our inner truth. Firefly provides a platform from which we can express ourselves fully, offers the wisdom to activate our individual and collective potential, and creates a positive social paradigm that inspires our daily lives. It is the goal of our gathering to provide a catalyst for such emergence. What does it mean to be a Firefly? Fireflies are amazing little creatures who have a natural ability to shine their light brightly to the world. Their bioluminescence is entirely created from within. They do not need outside chemicals to glow. That, and they can fly! We ALL have an innate ability to bring light to the world around us and create wonder and magic. We can create our own beauty and emit warm loving light that can be perceived by all. We invite each of you to tap into your lights within and allow THAT to be the driving force of your weekend on this sacred land. YOU ARE ENOUGH! We encourage each of you to experiment by being totally present and mindful for this year’s Firefly and feel your own glow in it’s innate, perfect glory. Bring YOUR glow.

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