Firedance Drum Circle

 21 May
 Cherry Beach
  - M5A 3K8 - Toronto - Canada
 Charlene Freedom
Firedance Drum Circle at Cherry Beach May 21st Come out to drum and dance around the fire at Cherry Beach! Let's rock the beach and have some fun! We will be located at the east end of the beach, gathered around a bonfire making magical music!!! Things to Bring: * A chair/ stool, or a blanket to sit on * drums, straps, and dancing feet! * water/drinks * potluck-feel free to share with the circle * flashlight/candles ****FIREWOOD!!!!! Please bring firewood donations if you can!!! Directions from East parking lot *From the East end of the parking lot, follow the bike path east, past the baseball diamond, look for the porta-potties, and follow that path to the beach( you will hear the drums *OR go east into the parking lot as far east you can and then follow the path on the beach east to the firepit, You will hear the drums! TTC Directions *72C from Pape St.only takes you to Commissioners/Cherry.You can transfer from there onto the 172B after 7, or walk the rest of the way to the beach. *172A from St.Andrews or King station takes you to Commissioners/Cherry. *172B from St.Andrew station and King station starting at 7pm takes you all the way down to the bottom of Cherry to the bus loop at the beach. **Last bus is around 1:30am. LEAVE NO TRACE!! *Please take all your garbage with you and remember to leave the beach cleaner than we found it! *Weather Permitting Please Note: there is no longer a Firedance Drum Circle website, however, all information and upcoming events will be posted to my new website under the Firedance drum circle page, and upcoming events page. Contact Charlene Freedom, or email me at if you have any questions!

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