Financial Freedom

 06 June
 1402 S Marina Way Richmond Ca 94804
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 Polynesian Entrepreneurs
Polynesian Entrepreneurs will be hosting a FREE Financial Freedom Seminar in RICHMOND, CA. If you are unfamiliar with the area it's THE BAY AREA. Come join us with an open mind and a hunger to change your financial destiny. We will be going over how to FIND money you didn't know you had and help show you how to GROW your money to help you meet your life's goals and dreams using the financial markets and we will talk about how to KEEP as much money as possible using tax deductions available to you as a business owner. This event is OPEN to everyone however we do have a limited number of seats. Please get back to the person that invited you to make sure you have a seat. You DO NOT want to miss this. We have TIPPY TOP leaders in our company on board ready and FIRED UP to share what we are all so excited about. See you all there!!

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