FFF Hollywood Action Camp

 22 May
 Raalte, Netherlands
  - 8055, 8100–8119, 8140–8144 - -
 Fighting for Film
One of the big workshop highlights of 2015: Advance your stunt know-how from the basics, via wirework to highfalls and body burns! You will learn: - Stunt basics & fights from legend Chuck Borden, who has virtually endless experience as a stunt coordinator and stuntman for Hollywood - Body Burns together with Guiness World Record holder Joe Tödtling from Stunt-Factory.com - Highfalls with expert Simon Van Lammeren who will teach you how to fly in style The stuff dreams are made of – nightmares or stunt dreams :) Tickets: Approx. 100 Euro per day, including lunch & free shared accommodation directly at the Stunt Camp. The price is fixed for all FFF participants, but for organisational reasons we can only diverge the exact amount via message or phone. Sorry for the inconvenience. Details: www.fightingforfilm.com/eventplaner/stunts/stunt-camp-amsterdam Registration: www.fightingforfilm.com/register Fighting for Film.com

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