"Feng Shui and Health: Is Your House Making You Sick?" Free Seminar with Jenny T. Liu

 06 June
 Iacoboni Library 4990 Clark Ave Lakewood, CA 90712. (562) 866-1777.
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 Liu Feng Shui
Nothing is more self-defeating than when you feel unwell. When you've tried everything from medicine, nutrition, exercise, massage, and supplements and you still feel drained and ailing, it may be your house that is causing your lack of energy and “dis-ease.” In feng shui, your house is seen as an extension of your body. Just as a knowledgeable doctor can diagnose your body’s symptoms to detect ailments, an experienced feng shui master can evaluate your house and discover how it affects your well-being. Your living space is an often overlooked aspect of your life that can be easily adjusted to have a positive impact upon your wellness. Join Master Jenny Liu as she presents the possible causes of common health problems in your home. Learn how to adjust your living space to enjoy the benefits of vibrant health.

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