30 May
 Stratumseind 28 - 5611ET - Eindhoven - Netherlands
 Female Metal Event - FEMME
The second Club Tour with LOVELORN DOLLS as linking pin to Female Metal Event - FEMME. The first band is the Dutch band Shireen, led by frontwoman Annicke Shireen. They create their own genre called Witchpop, which combines elements from wave, prog, acoustic rock and folk, and deals with the esoteric as well as contemporary ideas. In 2014 they released their debut EP entitled "Unmarked". Lovelorn Dolls from Belgium is the artistic expression of the duo Ladyhell (lyrics, vocals, arrangements) and Corpus Christi (music, programming, guitars, production). In 2014, Lovelorn Dolls released their second album: "Japanese Robot Invasion". It explores the dark side of humanity. The sound is more electro and melodic than ever, with heavy guitars and catchy vocal lines of Ladyhell. The last band tonight is from France. Elyose dates back to 2009 when French classical vocalist Justine Daaé and bass player Ghislain Henry met in Paris. They bring a defiantly fresh take on gothic-symphonic metal, thanks to a more contemporary interpretation of the sound and some dance-oriented electronics. The second album “IPSO FACTO" will be released on June 15th.

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