Feast In The East 49: Blonde Elvis + Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs + Germaphobes + The Moralist & The Nihilist

 05 June
 Jam Factory Co.
 2 Matilda St. - M4M 1L9 - Toronto - Canada
 Tad Michalak
FEAST IN THE EAST is a monthly east end music food & installation series. This month features a free dinner by Natalie Boustead And music by: BLONDE ELVIS (https://blondeelvis.bandcamp.com) Jesse James Laderoute's glam psych pop ensemble celebrates their homecoming at Feast In The East. Jesse's over the top arrangements ooze of the love he has for the pop form, while the griminess of the guitars and buzzing synth recalls a more primitive post punk. Like any good pop act Blonde Elvis dips it's toe in other sonically diverse worlds. These sonic diversions only help to build the power of Jesse's carefully crafted hooks. Always at their fullest Blonde Elvis doesn't miss a moment to indulge, but still maintains a strong sincerity. Synth flourishes dance over a driving rhythm section. Jesse's voice, often cruising through Bowie-esque territory, seamlessly slips over his pop fantasies cum dissonant meltdowns. SAM COFFEY & THE IRON LUNGS (https://samcoffeyandtheironlungs.bandcamp.com) Toronto garage punk party band Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, are true rockers. The band sounds like one big family, group vocal shouts and an endless amount of grooving riffs. Organ notes glisten over guitar chords filling out their sound, which feels like it's coming from some backyard pig roast mud pit. Tapping the vibe of classic punk acts, the guitars mingle, rip into psych territory and then ease back into a world of relaxed distorted jangles. The new generation of dads knows how to keep fun pure. The perfect band to book for your next BBQ. GERMAPHOBES (https://germaphobes.bandcamp.com) The newest outing from weird pop masterminds Neil Rankin & Paul Erlichman (both formerly of Gay) sees them play with a sound that is slightly less full, but offers many more opportunities for interplay. Paul's guitar work is warm & welcoming, but still has an angular edge, creating a nice juxtaposition as the band weaves heartfelt harmonies with idiosyncratic interplay. Grooving bass lines carry forward their slightly off kilter pop songs, recalling The Talking Heads or even some of Brian Eno's earlier work. Never overstated, but masters of their domain. Don't miss this! THE MORALIST & THE NIHILIST A electric guitar & percussion duo featuring D. Alex Meeks (Hooded Fang, Holiday Rambler) and Holger Schoorl, traces the area between ecstatic improvisation & angular blistering noise punk. A delicate construction of sparse elements sometimes tightly packed for sonic effect and then unraveled into a esoteric dance between the two parties. D. Alex's approach to percussion comes from a training in jazz & a world of extended techniques, co-mingling with the brutal escapades of being a rock drummer. Holger in a similar way rips on the guitar while also keeping in mind the word around him. Serious avant shred! environs by Inez Genereux and Diana VanderMeulen (http://www.dlvdm.ca) All Ages! $10 Adv at Circus Books & Music, Cask Music, Soundscapes and Rotate This $12 at the door $15 with food FREE dinner with adv ticket!

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