FEARLESS! Fight Fear, Find Strength, Create Wealth - Crofton, MD

 30 May
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 Brandon Barber Coaching
Are you ready to become FEARLESS?! At this workshop we will give you 7 Keys to Fight Fear, Find Strength, and Create Wealth. Hosted by Kay Harkness-Johnson Are you tired of: • Not reaching your full potential? • Not being, having, or feeling enough? • Just getting by? • Feeling like you aren’t getting ahead fast enough? • People not keeping their promises? • Not meeting the goals you set? Would you like to: • Get out of your own way? • Live up to your full potential? • Trust yourself fearlessly? • Get a crystal clear picture of where you are going and how to get there? • Live a life that’s on purpose, all day, everyday? • Create personal and financial freedom? Check out our website for upcoming events in your area! http://www.brandonbarbercoaching.com/index.php/events

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