Fashion news show

 16 May
 15927 Hart St, Lake Balboa CA 91406
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 Tom Funk
We're going to be starting a regular fashion news show that will include things like: - Weekly in-studio report (greenscreen / virtual set) - in-studio guests - Reports - various topics, locations by reporters - Profiles - fashion brands, companies, designers, other industry professionals - Vlogs - e.g. tips and tricks, reviews, lookbooks, etc - Event coverage - runways, BTS, interviews, red carpets - "Celebrity watch" It will in part be shot for 4K Fashion, my upcoming channel on Smart TV platforms - aiming to launch in mid-July - which will give us a worldwide reach with the show, and a high income demographic - which will allow us to develop monetization. Some of the content will also be put on our YouTube channel, which can of course reach a broader audience.; If you're interested in being involved, we're looking for hosts / reporters, camera operators, video editors and writers. We'll be having this initial meeting to discuss and plan. If you're unable to attend but would like to be involved, please email me at

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