Farmageddon Fundraiser (CALGARY) w/ Moosifix, Sleep Demon, Morbidly Depraved, Terminal Human Condition

 22 May
 Dickens Pub
 1000 9 Ave SW - T2P 2Y6 - Calgary - Canada
 Farmageddon Open Air Metal Fest
We have some wicked Alberta bands coming together to help raise funds for Farmageddon Open Air Metal Fest! More money raised, more crazy stuff at the festival! Plus this will be your last chance to win a free pass into the festival! Lineup: Moosifix Since early 2012 Moosifix has been lighting up stages across western Canada with a energetic, drunken, acid fueled, death metal kick to the guts. Sleep Demon rock n roll and heavy riffs Morbidly Depraved Death Thrash Metal, Currently hailing from Medicine Hat, AB. Former ''Sinister Fiend'' vocalist Pete Mercer, along side former ''Naraka'' Drummer Aaron Newton and Former ''Trissection'' guitarist Nick Hala, in august 2012 Morbidly Depraved was born. mainly focused on playing live shows,with a weeks practice, a couple of colds and a drummer with a broken foot, our first show was a success, We Recorded our first EP in February of 2013 and was released April 2013. and will be re-pressed and re-released along with a single from our upcoming Fall album in July 2014, With 30+ shows in our first year,playing with some of the most amazing bands from across Canada and traveling our province, Welcoming New Bass player Tom Walsh in June, aswell as being featured on Canadian Death Metal Compilation, Wacken Metal Canada Compilation and World of Rock Records Compilation, all in 2014. We're excited for you to hear whats next. Upcoming album-"DIABOLIC RETRIBUTION" , stay tuned m/ Before The Storm Before The Storm was created 4 years ago by Chris Lavoie and Kyle Rilkoff. They picked up Mike Nixon on Bass and Paul McCart on drums and began writing together with their first frontman Jordan Cunningham. Jordan wasn’t ready for being what BTS needed him to be so they started searching for what they needed. The second attempt came in a man named Adam Pike but he was not a good fit either. After a while they found that person in a band called From Another Time. Jordan Lyons was the frontman that Before The Storm needed. Recently they became a four piece because of musical differences with Kyle, this was right around the recording of their first EP “Whispers In The Woods”. Fortunately, they are productive and write some amazing music as a four piece and that is where they find themselves now Terminal Human Condition Do you like to have your face melted off by insane guitar solos? Do you like to have your guts busted by a ludicrously large drum set? Would you like your heart to implode from a deep, resounding rhythm section? Or how about having your brains spill out your eye sockets from ear splitting screams? Well then come on down to THC Inc.! Where we have all of that and much, much more! It's like a drop-kick to the face with a side of bacon $10 cover 18+ ID Required

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