Farm Festival& Water Adventures in Namhae island(Daegu departure))

 06 June
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 Seokjin Park
For more information and to sign up for trip. Please visit Summer is finally here, and have we got a great trip lined up for you? The weather is perfect for Sea Kayaking, swimming, cliff jumping and sea rafting an awesome traditional farming festival and so much more all packed into one weekend. So sign up now, for this rare opportunity, and check out a bit more of Korea, the culture and traditional customs, without the hassle of doing it yourself. For those who living down south, Adventure Korea has Organized Daegu(대구) departure and pick up at Jinju(진주) bus terminal and Namhae(남해) bus terminal. So now you don’t have to feel left out. Join in with all the activities of this trip, with the peace of mind that you’ll be dropped off again at the same place. Don’t miss this amazing tour of history, culture and adventure, and meet some great friends on the way. This is a very special trip to Darangee Village, a small sea village which is well known as an exceptionally beautiful and untouched place in Korea. This village is located in a part of the Hallyo Waterway (along the South Sea) which is a spectacular marine park filled with islands and strange rock formations rising straight from the ocean floor. On Saturday, we will hit the sea with rafting, swimming, cliff diving and snorkelling (if you bring your own), you also can collect some sea creatures like sea cucumbers and abalon. Villager will teach us how to catch fish with bare-hands as well(Please bring a packed lunch to save our time to arrive at the village early to do all this activities) And then we will participate in all their traditions, from plowing rice paddy fields with an ox, to planting rice in nice straight rows, by hand. We will keep providing freshest local cuisine including noodles, Korean pancakes(파전),Makgeoli(막걸리) and beer that are fed to the farmers to help them keep up their strength. We’ll have some races and competitions like catching mudfish and running with a garlic bag. First prize for the garlic bag race is a bag of garlic, the most famous product from this village. For those who are stressed at work, why not take it out on some rice as we pound it to make warm fresh rice cake. Rice cake is so much better when it’s still warm and knowing you helped make it, makes the taste even better. In the evening we will be entertained by some Korean dances and music followed by a huge bonfire(Check the pictures above), these villagers go all out for this festival. Make sure to bring some marshmallows to share with your new AK and local friends. To show their hospitality there will be some competitions between the locals and us, like a tug-o-war. They will prove they are good sports, whether we win or lose, we’ll be served snacks like roast potatoes and Makgeoli(Rice wine) We will stay in homestays where overlooking the ocean and the local woman, most of them grandmas, will cook our meals. Perfect chance to try some delicious home cooked Korean food. On Sunday, we will visit Dumo village for sea kayaking tour and deep sea fishing. * It costs 25,000won each to do 2 hour Sea Kayaking tour and Deep sea fishing, and you will need to pay when you sign up. If you want to head away from the sea there is also a hike up to the famous Mt Geumsan. it offers a great view of the surrounding area and breathtaking scenery. You also can go to beautiful Sangju(상주) beach if you don’t want to join the water or hiking. This little village tucked away at the bottom of the country is one of the staff at AK’s favourite places to visit. It almost feels like going home with the friendly welcome we get. This trip will be a great chance for you to really get an understanding of Korean people, culture and customs, in an enjoyable way as well. So why not gather some friends and join us to see the countryside at its most beautiful, and get away from the hustle and hassle of city life. Itinerary Day 1 (Saturday, 06 June) 09:00am Depart from Daegu Banwoldang(반월당) Subway station( Exit 1) 10:30am Pick up at Jinju siwa bus terminal(진주시외버스터미널), not express bus terminal 11:30am Pick up at Namhae bus terminal(남해버스터미널) 12:00pm Arrive at the Darangee village 12:20pm Check in homestays 12:40-13:30 Let's take a look around the village 13:40pm Lets participate in the farming festival - Plowing with an ox - Planting rice - Dance with Korean music performance team - Let's have snack(Noodles,pancakes,Makgeoli and much more) - Mudfish catching competition - Garlic bag race 16:00pm Beach Activities Go to the beach for swimming, sea rafting, Raft riding, cliff diving and snorkeling. You also can go fishing 18:30pm Dinner at your homestay 19:30pm Join the Night Festival events - experience local folk performance, dance with the local town people - Bonfire - Tug-o-war - and much more Day 2 (Sunday, 07 June) 08:30am Have Breakfast(Included) *We will make sandwich for lunch 10:00am Leave for Kayak village 10:30-14:30 Lets go Sea Kayaking tour and Deep sea fishing. *For those who not for Kayaking You can go hiking or go to sand beach *Please let us know which activity you want to do when you sign up. 15:00pm Depart for Daegu 15:30pm Drop off at Namhae bus terminal 16:30pm Drop off at Jinju bus terminal 18:00pm Arrive at Daegu Banwoldang subway station Payment Detail 1.Cost of the trip is 95,000won(85,000won by May 15th) This includes transportation (A chartered bus), 3 meals(dinner and breakfast and lunch for Sunday), homestay (4 people will be sharing a room), experience fees below: 1. Sea rafting, raft riding,cliff diving 2. Bare-handed fishing 3. Plowing with an ox 4. Planting rice& snaks(Noodles,pancakes,Makgeoli etc) 5. Mudfish catching competition& Garlic bag race 6. Bonfire& roast potato 7. English speaking guide *2 hour Sea kayaking tour costs extra 25,000won *2 hour deep sea fishing costs extra 25,000won You also can pay via paypal: 95USD(85USD by May 15th) For more information and to sign up for trip. Please visit Please e-mail to if you have any questions. See you there! Adventure Korea Team

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