Family and friends Camping Trip Lake Powell

 13 June
 Lone Rock Beach, Lake Powell, UT
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 Erica Lial
Family camping trip at Lake Powell. Dates are June13-June 21. Most of us will be staying at Lone Rock Beach which is a primitive campground.There are bathrooms all along the beach. It is on a sandy beach so if you've never been there ask one of us the best road down cause you can get stuck(I've done so 3 times in my Matrix) Several of us have campers, rvs, trailers, with stoves to cook with. All people need is tents and pillows and blankets. We will have 2 boats. There are also boats rentals down the road at Wahweap marina where there is also a campground with full hookups for those who need that option. At Wahweap they have showers for those like me who want them. There are also restaurants, walmart, and other stores in Page about 15 minutes away. Even if you can only come for a couple days just come on out. If you can help with gas money for boats that would be awesome. We can maybe each do some meals or just plan on feeding your own families. We can plan more stuff out as we get closer. The weather should be pretty warm but the water may still be on the cooler side. Also there is plenty of sand for 4-wheeling which there are tons of people who do that. We can fish, ski, wake board(I only have a girl one), tube, etc.

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