Falling into the Heart of Grace - Satsang Retreat in Shropshire (UK) with Amoda Maa & Jeannie McGillivray, May 22nd-25th

 22 May
 Private Residence, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, UK
  - - -
 Amoda Maa Jeevan
An intimate gathering, tucked away in the hills of the English countryside, steeped in the ancient stillness and beauty of the natural environment. This retreat is an opportunity to unravel what may stand in the way of us living consciously as our True Nature, to take a good honest look at what we may be running from, and to ask ourselves if we are willing to embrace the totality of life, just as it is. Full info here .. http://meetingtruth.com/Event/1329/Falling-into-the-Heart-of-Grace--Satsang-Retreat-with-Amoda-Maa--Jeannie-McGillivray

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