Fallen Leaf Lake Silent Retreat, South Lake Tahoe, CA

 31 May
 Fallen Leaf, CA, United States
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 Gangaji Community
We gather together in support for each other. We gather that we may each realize alive, awake, joyous, silent beingness. May our deepening realization be endless and fresh. So fresh that it has never been even imagined. Retreat with Gangaji is a time to discover the truth of one’s being and to deepen in that realization. Through gathering together for an extended period, a rare and profound support is experienced for the direct recognition of eternal peace, always present as the core of one’s own heart. It is a safe space in which to tell the truth about what really matters, what you truly want, and to expose the lie of every imagined obstacle to true happiness. Held in conversational silence, the retreat offers the opportunity to leave behind all casual distractions. It is a time of deep rest, of letting the psyche unwind, a time to withdraw from your usual life activities, and to let yourself sink into the vast simplicity of being. And in this simple beingness, to realize without a doubt that the source and wellspring of all happiness and wholeness is already alive within you as the truth of who you are. May 31 - June 05 2015

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