Facilitator Training - Celebration Day for Girls (Maldon, VIC)

 12 June
 Maldon, Australia
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 A Celebration Day for Girls
Over the past 15 years Jane Bennett has been running 'A Celebration Day for Girls' in communities and at schools across Australia, and more recently in the UK. To meet the growing demand Jane began to train women to facilitate this program in 2012. This training has been made available to a small group of select women who Jane believes have the skills and background, as well as the passion. If joining the team of facilitators who are running this program sounds of interest to you, then keep reading on... Currently there are 52 licensed Celebration Day for Girls facilitators in nine countries. As the numbers grow we reach into different communities where more and more girls and their mothers are able to enjoy this unique day, and the many benefits that radiate from it. The inherent transformational magic of puberty and menarche, coupled with the intention and commitment to offer our very best to girls and their mothers, has seen this workshop evolve into something very special, and something Jane could not have envisaged when she responded to the first request in 2000. We believe that A Celebration Day For Girls meets a vital need at a very specific time of life, for girls as well as for their mums and families. Is the possibility of offering Celebration Day for Girls something that lights you up? The training includes; ☆ In depth training and support materials to facilitate the four sessions of A Celebration Day for Girls, including the two hour mothers session prior to the workshop. ☆ All meals and snacks – fresh and delicious vegetarian As each participant comes with her own set of skills, training and life experiences, her own path toward running this program will be unique, therefore the training includes: ☆ a one-hour private session to map your journey toward offering A Celebration Day for Girls. We will schedule this for after the Training - in person if possible, or by Skype or phone. ☆ Accommodation (which will be explained in more detail following an expression of interest). When you begin to offer this workshop: ☆ You will be mentored through your preparation and debriefed after running the workshop, ongoing for as long as you and your mentor feel this is useful. ☆ You will benefit from group publicity materials and support as you begin. If there are requests for A Celebration Day for Girls in your area these will be referred to you. ☆ www.celebrationdayforgirls.com will display your bio, photo and events. If there is another trainee in your area this may open the possibility of joining forces to offer the workshop together. ☆ You will have access to the ‘secret’ facilitator’s section of the website, where you will find loads of useful resources. ☆ By training as a Celebration Day for Girls facilitator you are joining an exceptional group of women. Many of our facilitators have discovered deep satisfaction and joy through networking, support and friendship with other facilitators, who share many of their passions and have great complimentary skills. Please note: if there is a gap in your knowledge in a key background topic for A Celebration Day for Girls, that isn’t covered in the Training, you may be asked to address this before being licensed, with our support. If this sounds interesting to you, please send email jane@janebennett.com.au or send a private message. For more information about Jane go to www.janebenett.com.au and look under 'events', 'workshops' and 'about' (includes testimonials from mums and girls). In 'media' there are a number of articles that will give you more idea about Jane's perspective and approach. If you are not familiar with her publications go to 'resources'. Of course, www.celebrationdayforgirls.com will also give you more information about the program. We look forward to hearing from you. With love and happy anticipation.

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