Facebook Paid Marketing Course

 27 May
 Santiago, Avenida Providencia 229
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 Barnabás Király
Marketing must make profit. This interactive course will show you how. If you are interested in this free course keep reading, you will find the apply information down there. About the course: Starting a Facebook Ad is simple. A general Facebook user can easily get through the setup process. However, since technically everyone can do it, this is the threshold to the online marketing world. If you wish to outsmart and outperform your competitors, who target exactly the same audience, you wish to reach, you must take several steps further. This course helps you learn the basics of Facebook Paid Marketing, then it dives deeper into more advanced functionalities. By the end of the course, you will know, how to make sure, if you spend 10 USD, then it will be worth 15 or even more to you. Marketing must make profit. This course will show you how. Lecturer: Akos Daniel Fodor www.linkedin.com/in/akosdanielfodor Akos has business development background of 5 years, has been part of a few startups, managed Facebook and online marketing campaigns for several clients. His last workplace, as an online marketer, was nestpick, a Rocket Internet backed fast-growing startup. Now, he is responsible for project development by Selfmapping: www.selfmapping.com Main topics: 0. Basic introduction 1. Facebook Generic Ads and conversion tracking 2. Facebook Remarketing 3. Facebook Lookalike Audiences 4. Sweepstakes on Facebook (a game in which you can win something) 5. Google Analytics and how to see the results of Facebook campaigns During the course, you will get answer, among others, to the following questions: 1. What is the difference between Facebook Paid and Unpaid Marketing? 2. What do generic audience, remarketing and lookalike mean? 3. How to target microsegments? 4. How to choose your bidding strategy? 5. How to test, measure and optimize your campaigns? 6. How to get business ideas from Facebook? 7. How to measure your results in Facebook and in Google Analytics? We recommend this course to all people, 1. who would like to understand, how online marketing works 2. who considers starting his/her own business, but doesn’t know how to test and advertise it 3. who may work for a startup in the future, but doesn’t know, how an online startup works. The course doesn’t require any experience in online marketing, although it’s a big plus. We will start from the very basics, but after a short introduction, we will jump right into the middle. Structure of the course: 4 session in Wednesdays 18:00-20:00 1. basics of online marketing and about Google Analytics 2. how to set up a facebook campaign 3. advanced techniques 4. case studies and Q&A The course is interactive. There is place for lots of questions. However, this is not a workshop or brainstorming session. We wish to stay on track to meet as many topics as possible. Number of participants: maximum 30 Language: English, but we will use lots of illustrations, advanced English knowledge is not required. Intermediate level should be enough. Apply now through eventbrite: 1. session http://facebook-paid-marketing-1session.eventbrite.com 2. session http://facebook-paid-marketing-2session.eventbrite.com 3. session http://facebook-paid-marketing-3session.eventbrite.com 4. session http://facebook-paid-marketing-4session.eventbrite.com And: 1. Please, send us all the topics/questions, you wish to meet during the course - could be really basic or highly advanced! 2. Please, if you wish to get some ideas for your business, send us your startup or startup idea, if any, and the audience, you wish to reach. If you have a website to showcase, please, send us the link. If it’s still in idea phase, send us a brief introduction. We cannot guarantee that all questions and business ideas can be hit during the course, but we will do our best.

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