Facebook, do the right thing and give James McLellan his account back!

 16 May
 From your PC, mobile devices, and via snail mail to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.
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 Natalie Mason
*****IGNORE THE START AND END DATES OF THIS EVENT, IT IS ONGOING!!!!!!!***** Give James McLellan his account back Facebook!!!!! James is a dedicated ARA, who tirelessly works to save the animals, and therefore our planet. He is an intelligent, dedicated, passionate, gentle man, who wants only to work to make this world a better place. By doing what he does, it leaves him wide open to attack. Attacks which @[null:@[null:#Facebook]] have failed to protect him from. And we can prove this. He has recently been subject to huge attacks from trolls, who for some reason, Facebook fail to remove (even though they have sent emails to several of us saying they had, they are still on Facebook - we have asked why, they have ignored us). When attacked on too many occasions, he retaliated, and to be honest, anyone would. (I have personally received death threats and been told to slit my wrists, and called names I cannot write here - which Facebook actually found acceptable, and they therefore failed to protect me too). So, instead of banning the ones who are causing all of this trouble, they suspended James McLellan for 3 days instead! As if that wasn't bad enough, Facebook have now decided on a permanent ban. Facebook,we hope you're listening, because we are NOT going away, and we will never back down on this. An injustice has been done, and we simply do not know how to back down when this happens. We are therefore petitioning that you, Facebook, allow James McLellan back. He is a good, honest, decent man. He does not deserve this. We also petition the following - 1. That Facebook ban the members who are the source of the problem, as promised (we have emails from FB stating they'd removed them, yet they're still on Facebook - I will provide proof). 2. That Facebook set up a process whereas upon a suspension or a ban, a member at least has the basic right to appeal, and put forward their reasons and facts as to why they, a) may have broken any rule, and b) explain who is the source of any friction, and why they needed to retaliate to protect themselves because you failed to do so. We are hold you accountable Facebook, you are allowing the trolls to attack in force. They are attacking vulnerable people, we report it, you do nothing, absolutely nothing! We report posts of violence, hate, racism, sexism, threats, and copyright infringement, to name but a few. Facebook, you guessed it, do NOTHING. Yet if any of us who are attacked retaliate (because let's face it, FACEBOOK DOES NOT PROTECT MEMBERS AS THEY SHOULD), we are the ones who are suspended or banned? It is not fair. It is not right. And we ask them to look in to this urgently. We also ask them to give James McLellan his account back. Any actions he may have taken are NEVER in malice, but only ever to try to stop the attacks which you Facebook, constantly ignore. If we are being attacked constantly, and Facebook refuses to help us, then of course we will act to protect ourselves. And yes, we are only human so sometimes we retaliate because of the injustice at seeing these trolls roam free whilst Facebook bans the ones who are trying to make this world a better place. Facebook, you do NOT protect your members. It is NOT acceptable. If you did, this petition would not be necessary, because James, and people like him, would not retaliate to the threats. It is that simple. We are creating events all over social media - we will not give up or give in. We request Facebook to look at ALL the facts, by a human preferably, and not a machine, and to allow James back, and look in to setting up processes whereby YOU Facebook, protect your members from violent attacks. And also set up a process where people can actually CONTACT YOU to either appeal or explain the whole situation. We will not stop until justice prevails, Facebook. We ask you to do the right thing, not only for James, but for every single person who is attacked on YOUR site, and whom you fail to protect. ___________________________________________ CALL TO ACTION! - Everyone, please join all the events you can. They are all linked on this event page, and are listed below - This is not one event, it is a series of events, which includes but is not exclusive to these mentioned - - Thunderclap - Tweetstorm - Letter to CEO of Facebook (for you to print, sign and mail) - Petition - Other ways to be heard, and for justice to prevail! Please also SHARE SHARE SHARE! We want this to go viral, not only for James (even though what Facebook have done to him alone is bad enough), but for everyone who has been let down badly by FACEBOOK!

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