29 May
 El Ático Helsinki
 Kumpulantie 1 - 00520 - Helsinki - Finland
 Kaisa Saarinen
Tangolesson ja Evita -leffoista tuttu legendaarinen Fabian Salas hurmaavine Lola- vaimoineen tulee Helsinkiin! PERJANTAI 29.5: 1. 18.00-19.15 All levels - 10 elements that will fix your dance 2. 19.30-20.45 Int/Adv - 10 great Milonga steps of all times PRACTICA LAUANTAI 30.5: 3. 13.00-14.15 All levels - Lola's Secrets (Women's Techinque) 4. 14.30-15.45 Int/Adv - 10 great travelling and in place Turns 5. 16.00-17.15 All levels - Mastering the Back Sacadas MILONGA + SHOW SUNNUNTAI 31.5: 6. 13.00-14.15 Int/Adv - 5 great sequences you should know with Ganchos 7. 14.30-15.45 Int/Avd - 5 eye-catching Out-of-Axis steps Ilmoittautumiset ja pöytävaraukset la milongaan: pasional.fi@gmail.com 044-9590077 1 tunti 25eur Kaikki tunnit 6 tuntia 120eur ( 20e/h ) Naisten tekniikka / Woman tech 20 e El Atico, Kumpulatie 1, Helsinki 8 kerros Fabian Salas is an internationally renowned tango dancer, teacher, researcher and choreographer, famed for his distinctive approach to the dance. Born in 1963 in La Plata, capital of the Buenos Aires province, Fabian was educated in both Argentina and the US, trained as a lawyer and moved to the city of Buenos Aires to practice law and dance the tango in 1988. By 1992, Fabian had begun touring the world as a tango teacher becoming then, one of the first professional touring teachers in history and opening in such way, many doors to others who later decided to join this activity. In 1995 he started an investigation group which lead to the development of a revolutionary way of understanding, teaching and dancing the tango. In 1996, Fabian took part in the filming of the motion picture "Evita", and a year later was one of the main dancers in the award-winning film "The Tango Lesson". Fabian runs the tango education organizations Cosmotango and TangoPal and has created a series of instructional videos to teach authentic Tango in 10 easy lessons. He is also the organizer and director of the CITA (Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino) the world's most important annual tango event, which brings together tango lovers, practitioners and leading tango artists in the Argentine capital.

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