31 May
 Me To You - Flagstaff, AZ
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 Sherry Paris
My heart and spirit is calling out to help the earthquake victims in Nepal. You can read their story. http://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2015/04/26/aid-starts-coming-to-nepal-after-quake-kills-nearly-2-000 My good friend, Eirwen Mitchell, lives in the UK. Her group of friends are knitting and crocheting for the victims who have lost everything they own. I'm being told by the higher power to extend my love to them. I tried ordering yarn and have found that Ms. Mitchell lives in a village where that certain business does not ship. Well I won't give up this easy!!! Those of you who really know me can believe this! LOL So I have decided to make an event page and invite my community of friends to join in with me. You can choose to crochet, knit, offer to pay postage, donate yarn, needles, donate boxing to ship, if you live close to the area you may want to be a substation for shipping, anything connected to this!!!! (sizes from newborn to adult sizes) I feel this can turn into an event that can make a difference in our very own hearts plus help those in need. So I'm releasing this to the universe to manifest!!! If nothing else, please pray for this to come together and that we are able to help those in need!! Thank you and God Bless, Sherry

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