Excelsior M.C. & Twilight Guard — Cherry Grove 2040

 15 May
 The Belvedere
  - 11706 - Cherry Grove - United States
 Sean Campbell
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun, Two Clubs for the Price of One. It's A joint run in 2015, Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Twilight Guard & the 40th Anniversary of Excelsior M.C. An AMCC Sanction Event. Excelsior M.C. & Twilight Guard are proud to be hosts for the 178th Meeting of the AMCC. The Cocktail Parties! Late Night Friday: Bay State Marauders Eye Openers: Pennsmen After Lunch Cocktails: Longisland Ravens Mc Afternoon Cocktails: Empire City MC Pre-Dinner Cocktails: Harbor Masters of Maine Late Night Saturday: Twilight Guard Check back with this page for more details! You can also check for updated information at www.excelsiormc.com and/or www.thetwilightguard.org About the pin/logo design: The symbol used is called a Tomoe, which has several meanings, in Japan the symbol is used as emblem for family or clan, another is threefold ying yang division ( man, earth, heaven), it is all so associated with the Shinto war deity Hachiman, and through that was adopted by the samurai as their traditional symbol. Buddhism uses the symbol as a visual representation of the cycle of life. In modern and pagan uses it's called the wheel of fire.

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