Events & Fights & Sales !!.

 06 December
 Van Zandt County, Texas
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 Josh Ramirez
Events & Fights & Sales !!.
To: All. By: Mr. Josh Ramirez Welcome. 1. F. Dallas Tx, Texas Heat Wave Fight. The Dates: 02/21/2015. Go to: 2. F. Dallas Tx, Big D Nationals Karate. The Dates: 03/14/2015. Go to: 3. F. Dallas Tx, Texas All Star Karate Championship. The Dates: 05/02/2015. Go to: 4. F. Dallas Tx, Lone Star Hard Kick Classic Karate. The Dates: 05/30/2015. Go to: 5. F. Dallas Tx, U.S. Championships Fight. The Dates: 06/20/2015. Go to: 6. F. Plano Tx, Gray Eagle Karate. The Dates: 08/22/2015. Go to: 7. F. Fort Worth Tx, American Karate Championships. The Dates: 10/03/2015. Go to: 8. F. Dallas Tx, Lone Star Showdown Karate. The Dates: 10/10/2015. Go to: 9. F. Dallas Tx, Southern Karate Championships. The Dates: 11/14/2015. Go to: 10. F. World Wide,The N.A.G.A. Open Grappling & MMA Event. The Dates: All Year. Go to: 11. S. Canton Tx, The Lazy Candle Company. Will Be At The World Famous First Monday Trade Days. The Dates: 10/29/2015. To: 11/02/2015. Go to: 12. E. Dallas Tx, & Fort Worth Tx, Area. Open Clinics & Competitor Champion Training Seminars For: Karate. The Dates: 02/28/2015. Go to: 13. F. Pasadena Tx, Open Sumission Grappling Bushi-Ban Dungal Championship. The Dates: 04/10-11/2015. Go to: Dungal.Com 14. S . Wills Point Tx, Art'S & Craft'S BlueBird Festival. The Dates: 04/26/2015. Go to: 15. F. Wills Point Tx, Mama Jeri'S Free Fitness & Martial Arts Seminar For: Girl'S & Women . The Dates: 05/15/2015. Call: Master. Mr. J. T. Ramirez. At: 469-410-4802. 16. F. Grapevine Tx, Open Karate Tournament T Force Elite Internationals. The Dates: 08/29/2015. Go to: 17. E . Canton Tx, Touch A Truck. The Dates: 10/24/2015. Go to: Lakesidecanton.Com 18. E . Wills Point Tx, The Family Team Ramirez Fitness & Martial Arts Free Public Party The Dates: 11/20/2015. Call: Master. Mr. J. T. Ramirez. At: 469-410-4802. 19. E . Wills Point Tx, Down Town Boo On The Brick'S Halloween Event. The Dates: 10/31/2015. Go to: cityofwillspoint.Com For More Info About This Page: E-Mail Mr. Josh. T. Ramirez.@FaceBook.Com Or Call/Text us At: 469-410-4802. Or Go see TheLazyCandleCompany On: Or Or Or Or & Thank Yall & God Bless Yall & Yall Take Real Good Care The End.

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